We will help bring your dream home to life.

We are a full-service home design company.

We work with you to make your dream home come to life by designing architecturally significant homes at affordable prices. We also design extensions and improvements to homes that already exist.

Our job is to make the process of starting this journey easier and we love what we do.

We can provide you with complete energy efficiency calculations and plans which are ready for approval at local municipalities.

As part of our service, we can also provide you with a calculated project schedule, the required material quantities and with obtaining quotations for construction.

We work with you to give you exceptional quality plans for a reasonable price.
Together, we will make big things happen.


Architectural Services


New Homes

To build a new house is a dream and privilege. HP Graphics will bring your dream to life by utilising your ideas, modern techniques, energy efficient measures and environmentally friendly products.

Alterations and Extensions

Many of us live in an ideal environment, town or city. This is the where we have decided to spend our lives and build our careers. As we progress in life, our residential requirements change. 

HP Graphics realises that you can spend your money far better by upgrading or extending your current house. A double storey addition is a speciality of HP Graphics.

Small Commercial and Industrial Projects

We are registered to do Commercial and Industrial designs limited to 500 square meters. HP Graphics will supply complete plans with Engineering Sign-offs for Steel, Concrete and Structural work.


What are our rates?

We pride ourselves by giving you exceptional value for money. View the rates of our different service offerings below.


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